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May 10, 2006

Venturer Aerospace not selected for COTS, pursuing followup business

Venturer Aerospace was notified today that we have not been selected to participate in the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) demonstration project.

Though we were not selected, Venturer Aerospace would like to congratulate our six semi-finalist competitors (SpaceDev, t/Space, SpaceX, Rocketplane Kistler, Andrews Space, and SpaceHab) for their success in this round of selection. What has been made public to date on these proposals indicates that these are innovative approaches to low cost space access and logistics.

We would also like to congratulate NASA, particularly the COTS team and NASA leadership, for having identified this commercial services opportunity and investing significant time and money in the COTS program. We believe that the COTS program requirements and specifications represent an excellent approach for NASA to team with innovative low cost companies in the new space industry. The semi-finalists who were selected are excellent examples of the types of innovative competitor we have seen in the marketplace.

Venturer Aerospace plans to continue concept development and subscale testing operations of our S-550 capsule. We also plan to participate in the post-COTS NASA ISS resupply and logistics market when we are able to complete commercial development of the S-550, and are seeking an ongoing technical relationship with NASA, particularly the COTS and ISS programs, to ensure that non-COTS vehicles will still have the technical and business opportunity to provide logistical support on an open and fair competitive basis in the future.

March 15, 2006

Venturer Aerospace pursues NASA COTS contract

Our presentation at Space Access 2005 (powerpoint)

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